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Fez Orgs: A Winter Solstice Miracle

// date: 2021-12-20
// filed: programming, rakudo
// perma

Fez now has orgs, it happened over the weekend. Let's take a look at how to get started with them:

Creating an Org

Take it easy: fez org create <org-name>. If a user or org with that name already exists then this will fail but the skies the limit here. When you create the org you're automatically assigned the role of admin, more on this in the next section.

Managing Your Org

Great, you're an admin. Now what? Do you have release managers or people you want to allow to upload modules on behalf of org? Fez has two roles:

Assign your members accordingly:

Inviting Users to Your Org

fez org invite <org-name> <role> <username>. So if I were inviting ugexe to my Zef org then I'd run fez org invite Zef admin ugexe and he'd get an email letting him know about how awesome his life is about to be.

Listing and Accepting Your Open Invites

$ fez org pending
>>= R Org
>>= a Zen
>>= m zef

I've been invited to zef as a member and to Zen as an admin. I accept (and the command is the same for both):

$ fez org accept Zen
>>= You're now a very nice member of Zen

Modify a User's Role

Ugexe has done a stellar job in zef, let's promote him to admin:

$ fez org mod zef admin ugexe
>>= User's role was modified

WHAT??? I just won the lotto! Now I want to leave my orgs because I don't have time :(

Leaving an Org

$ fez org leave Zen
>>= You're no longer in Zen

This action will fail if you're the last remaining admin in the org. Why? Leaving the org as the last admin will essentially abandon it so this is designed in a way that you must be very intentional in this action so you must first run fez org mod <org> member <your username> and then leave.

Now you can manage your entire group!

Bonus Round

A couple of other actions you may or may not find useful:

List Org Members

$ fez org members zef
>>= R Org Name
>>= a tony-o
>>= a ugexe

List Orgs You Belong To

$ fez org list
>>= R Org Name
>>= a zef


That's basically all and if you need a reminder then of course fez org -h will give you the command USAGE. Have fun!